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Last Update: January 14, 2019

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Vietnam risks Beijing’s ire as it uses US freedom of navigation exercise
Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

China Sends Military to Intercept U.S. Navy in South China Sea As Tensions Rise

US conducts latest South China Sea sail-by amid trade talks
U.S. destroyer sails in disputed South China Sea amid trade talks
Recent developments surrounding the South Sea

Vietnam to draw a line on China's approach to the South China Sea
Vietnam's draconian cybersecurity bill comes into effect

South China Sea: Vietnam takes hard line negotiating with Beijing
Tough South China Sea talks ahead as Vietnam seeks to curb China's action.
How to Counter China's Ambitions in the South China Sea

Trump Moves to Deport Vietnam War Refugees

Democrats Challenge Trump Over Vietnam Deportations

Vietnam seeks arrest of activist over Facebook posts
US sends warship to South China Sea to challenge ‘excessive’ claims

Chinese navy sent to confront USS Chancellorsville in latest South China Sea stand-off.

B-52s ignore Beijing's great wall of missiles with South China Sea flights
China has another new development under construction in the disputed SCS

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea
U.S. still has concerns over China's South China Sea policies
U.S. presses China to halt militarization of South China Sea
Coming Soon to the SCS: China’s AG600, World’s Largest Amphibious Aircraft

Chinese military command monitoring Taiwan and SCS has been ordered war-ready

US Defence Secretary James Mattis hits out at ‘predatory’ Chinese behavior
US James Mattis’ second trip to Vietnam aimed at countering China’s Asia influence

Mattis pushes closer ties to Vietnam amid tension with China
Why No One Wins a War over the South China Sea

Vietnam's hardline party leader to become president
Vietnam nominates party chief as new president

'Aggressive' Chinese warship forces US destroyer off course in South China Sea confrontation
Malaysia PM's warning over South China Sea.

U.S. warship sails near disputed South China Sea islands: U.S. official

China slams US B-52s fly over disputed seas as 'provocative'

Vietnam jails activist for anti-government posts on Facebook new

Vietnam's first automaker is quickly getting ready to debut a sedan and a SUV
Vietnam’s new automaker shows off first vehicles ‘designed’ by its citizens

Chinese military confronted a British warship in South China Sea
British Navy warship sails near South China Sea islands, angering Beijing

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

Vietnam jails two Vietnamese-Americans for 14 years over bomb attacks
US criticizes Vietnam for jailing peaceful activists

Vietnam puts 12 people on trial for alleged subversion
Vietnam finds activist guilty of anti-government charges

Vietnam finds activist guilty of anti-government charges
Vietnam sentences activist to 20 years prison amid dissent crackdown

Duterte: China should temper its behavior in disputed waters
China threatens foreign ships and planes 'daily' in the South China Sea
China blasts US military bill as interference in its affairs

Japan Will Soon Help Vietnam Extract Gas from the South China Sea
China Fires six Warnings to US Navy in South China Sea

US citizen held in Vietnam for attempt to 'overthrow state'

Beijing blasts defense bill designed to counter China
Beijing’s aggression in SCS driving expansion of SEA coastguard fleets

Vietnam Graft Crackdown Claims First Military Scalp With 'Little Baldy'

Hanoi considers evacuation of 14,000 households after heavy rains
Vietnam Jails 15 More Over Economic Zone Protests

Vietnam Jails Fugitive Tycoon for Nine Years After One-Day Trial

US protester released from detention in Vietnam after trial
Vietnam convicts, deports US man who joined rare protest

Vietnam jails 10 more for protests over economic zones

Vietnam to deport American detained during nationwide protests
American detained in Vietnam convicted, ordered deported

Vietnam to Try American for Disturbing Order in Protests
American detained in Vietnam to face trial next week

Vietnam to try American for disturbing order in protests

Vietnam Jails Six for Economic Zone Protest Clashes
U.S. citizen faces trial after being detained in Vietnam for over a month

Vietnam arrests phone exec, gov’t official over fund losses

Pompeo pushes Vietnam for ‘speedy resolution’ in detained American’s case
Vietnam Arrests Seven 'Terrorists' Over Bombing of Police Station

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

Discontent lurks in Vietnam despite economic success

Tensions between China and US ESCALATE after Beijing military target pilots with LASERS

Mass protests sweep Vietnam for the first time in decades

Explosion at Vietnam police station injures officer

Truyền hình VOA 21/6/18: Nổ tại trụ sở công an, 1 người bị thương

China's reach fuels illegal protests in Vietnam
U.S. Protester Held in Vietnam Confesses on State Television
In Vietnam, distrust of government's China policy fuels protests

In Vietnam, Discontent Lurks Under Surface of Economic Success

American grad student held in Vietnam after street protest

Vietnam launches probe into American detained for 'public disorder'
Thousands hold peaceful protests in Vietnam against foreign investment plans
Vietnam: Investigate Police Response to Mass Protests

Vietnam Police to Prosecute American for Causing Public Disorder
Violent ANTI-CHINA Protests Break Out in VIETNAM
Vietnam protests lead to shutdown of South Korean plants

Vietnamese Stage Anti-China Protests in Several Cities
Vietnam arrests amid anti-China protests
Protesters bring China issue to the fore

Vietnam Parliament Passes Cyber Law Denounced in Street Protests
Vietnam lawmakers approve cyber law clamping down on tech firms, dissent

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

China Redeploys Missile Launchers in Contested SCS Amid Rising Tensions With U.S

Vietnam police halt protests against new economic zones
Vietnam expels human rights lawyer, 2nd dissident to Germany

China slams US after B-52 bomber flyby in SCS, calls move ‘risky’
China says not scared after reported U.S. bomber trip over South China Sea
China and U.S. Show Off Nuclear Bombers in South China Sea Standoff
Beijing may have removed missiles from disputed South China Sea island

The US reportedly flew B-52s in the South China Sea as it directly challenges Beijing's militarization.
China removes missile launchers from disputed island after row with US, images show

U.S. weighs more South China Sea patrols to confront 'new reality'...
U.S. will ‘compete vigorously’ in South China Sea, Mattis warns Beijing
India is pushing to be a bigger player in Southeast Asia, and it's a clear challenge to China

Three fishermen dead after explosion in South China Sea

Vietnam says Chinese bombers in disputed South China Sea increase tensions
Philippines takes 'appropriate action' over Chinese bombers in disputed SCS

Chinese land bomber in SCS, potentially escalating tensions over disputed zone

Chinese bombers make debut landing on disputed South China Sea runway

China Lands Nuclear Bombers on Disputed SCS Islands In Warning to American Rivals
China air force lands bombers on South China Sea island

As Rosneft's Vietnam unit drills in disputed area of SCS Beijing issues warning
Rosneft says South China Sea drilling is within Vietnam waters

Vietnam unit of Russia's Rosneft fears Beijing backlash over South China Sea drilling

Vietnam says conducts maritime oil operations under international law
China says no one can carry out oil, gas activities in Chinese waters without Beijing's permission

Do China's Missiles in the South China Sea Mean War?

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

Vietnam Facebook activist jailed for 'anti-state propaganda'
Vietnam jails Facebook user for posts seen as anti-state propaganda
Man imprisoned in Vietnam for posting dissent on Facebook
Vietnamese leader addresses Congress, May 9, 1957

Vietnamese ex-oil executive withdraws from appeal trial
Vietnam asks China to withdraw military equipment from South China Sea
US stands tall as Asia's most powerful country despite rising China

White House warns China on growing militarization in South China Sea

China installs cruise missiles on South China Sea outposts: CNBC
Beijing 'installs missiles' on South China Sea islands
U.S. Navy Wants to Challenge Russia and China At Sea With New Smart Missiles
Construction Boom Paves The Way For New Billionaire Tran Dinh Long

Vietnam Woos Foreign Investors Despite Ongoing Political Purge

China says Canada Senate motion on South China Sea 'stirs up troubles'

Pacific command believes China controls South China Sea in all scenarios short of war
U.S. Admiral: China Is Now Capable of Controlling the South China Sea
Suspect in Vietnamese kidnapping goes on trial in Berlin
Vietnamese man involved in Cold War-style abduction in Berlin goes on trial in Germany

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea
Australia won't abandon S. China Sea patrols after encounter
Life in Vietnam for immigrants deported by U.S

Chinese navy challenged Australian warships in the South China Sea

Prime minister says Australia will sail in South China Sea

Vietnam arrests ex-senior officials, police amid crackdown

Vietnam jails 2 more activists in stepped up crackdown
U.S. seeks to deport thousands of Vietnamese protected by treaty: former ambassador
U.S. Warship Sails in Disputed Sea Amid Escalating Tensions With China

Xi Jinping inspects massive naval parade in South China Sea

U.S. Warship Sails in Disputed Sea Amid Escalating Tensions With China
US looks to deport immigrants from Vietnam protected by bilateral agreement
US displays military muscle as carrier sails in South China Sea
After China's massive drill, U.S. patrols disputed South China Sea
Vietnam activist sentenced to 13 years on subversion charges
Vietnam activists question Facebook on suppressing dissent
In 1979, China Was Crushed in a War with Vietnam. What Happened Next Is Shocking.

Trump admin's new strategy in the Pacific a big warning to China

Vietnam, China urge restraint in disputes in S. China Sea
Beijing, Hanoi promise to keep peace in South China Sea
China and Vietnam call for maritime disputes to be settled

China Just Challenged America in the Pacific With a Massive Naval "Live Fire"

North and South Korean Leaders' Peace Reunification Summit: 27 April 2018

Vietnam jails ex-Politburo member over oil giant's losses

China in military drills to ‘prepare for war’ as British frigate due to sail South China Sea
Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

U.S. warship sails near disputed islands in South China Sea, officials say
US Navy challenges Beijing in the South China Sea amid trade war rumblings
Vietnam halts South China Sea oil drilling project under pressure from Beijing
The US and its Asia Pacific allies are boosting security ties
Mỹ tạm ngưng cấp thị thực SR, I5 và R5 cho Người Việt Nam

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea
Vietnam trying ex-Politburo member over oil giant's losses
Ex-politburo member faces second graft trial Vietnam

Protesters take aim at Southeast Asia leaders in Sydney
Indonesia pushes for Southeast Asian patrols of disputed waters

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea
Vietnamese writer Pham Doan Trang briefly detained for publishing a political textbook
China, the South China Sea and North Korea
Vietnam says ex-top police official organized gambling ring
USS Carl Vinson in Vietnam sends a message to China
Vietnam War's Tet Offensive bred skepticism among press, public about government

Germany indicts suspect in kidnapping of Vietnamese oil exec
Paper notes China's 'unhappiness' over US Navy Vietnam visit

U.S. Shows Military Might As Aircraft Carrier Arrives in Vietnam
A U.S. Aircraft Carrier's Historic Vietnam Port Call Sends a Message to China

U.S. aircraft carrier to make historic port call in Vietnam
Vietnam seeks to pacify China as landmark U.S. carrier visit signals warming ties

China Senses and Acts on U.S. Weakness in South China Sea
The British are Coming to the South China Sea, and It's About Time
Australia Bolsters Military Posture in South China Sea

A Navy Aircraft Carrier Will Visit Vietnam
US aircraft carrier to dock in Vietnam for first time since 1975
US naval task force challenging China's sovereignty claims in South China Sea

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea
Foreign Countries Chase South China Sea Without Incident

U.S. FONOP Continues to Ripple Through South China Sea Dispute
Philippines: Risks rising with China challenging US at sea

Vietnam Names US-Based Exile Group a Terrorist Organization

Vietnam jails 3 activists for comments critical of state
No, China Doesn't Want Confrontation in the South China Sea

US-Vietnam Military Ties Warn China over Maritime Expansion

Grim reminders of a war in Vietnam, a generation later

Vietnam War loomed over Mattis’s two days in Hanoi
US Plans First Carrier Visit to Vietnam Since End of War

Vietnam arrests former executive in widened graft crackdown

U.S. Sending Warship to Vietnam for First Time in Decades
A U.S. aircraft carrier is likely to visit Vietnam amid Chinese tension
U.S. aircraft carrier to visit Vietnam in post-war first

The US and Vietnam are growing closer as Beijing's aggressive SCSea policy …
Vietnam Jails Four for Flying Flag of 'Saigon Regime'
Court in Vietnam starts 2nd embezzlement trial of executive

Vietnam oil exec 'kidnapped' from Germany jailed for life

50 years after key Vietnam battles, Mattis seeks closer ties
Vietnam jails Trinh Xuan Thanh for life over corruption
Vietnam jails former oil execs in high-profile graft case
How Jane Fonda Explains ‘Hanoi Jane’ Photo: ‘Regret to My Dying Day’

US destroyer sails near contested reef in South China Sea angering Beijing
China rebukes U.S. military for alleged close encounter in South China Sea
China says US warship 'violated' its sovereignty
China Claims US Warship Violated Its Sovereignty

Vietnam postpones China concert that falls on takeover date

Vietnam Oil Executives Apologize to Communist Party in Corruption Trial

Vietnam’s corruption crackdown is targeting the powerful. Has it gone too far?
Vietnam Is Following The Asian Tiger Currency Formula For Rapid Economic Growth

Vietnam Seeks Upper Hand on Dissent with Rules On Foreign Internet Services

Former Vietnam official points to ex-PM in high-profile trial
Vietnam prosecutors seek jail terms for former oil exec

U.S. Blasts Beijing for “Provocative Militarization” of Disputed SCS
At Vietnam's Biggest Corruption Trial, Some Skeptical Views

Death sentence could await Vietnam oil executive in corruption trial
Vietnam oil exec 'kidnapped' from Germany goes on trial

Vietnam tries former oil executives in widened crackdown
Vietnam oil exec 'kidnapped' from Germany goes on trial
Vietnam Starts High-Profile Trial Over Oil Firm Losses
Vietnam Sets up Command Center for Cyberspace Defense

Vietnam arrest tycoon accused of revealing state secrets
Why Trump's Asia Approach Could Actually Be Halting China's Maritime Expansion

How the U.S. Air Force and Navy Saved South Vietnam in 1972

Why Is Tension Rising In The South China Sea?

Vietnam Follows Beijing With South China Sea Upgrades of Its Own

What's Behind Vietnam's Corruption Crackdown?
Harsh prison terms for video journalist and blogger as Vietnam cracks down on free expression

U.S. hits Vietnam with massive duties over Chinese steel
Vietnam arrests senior party official who led PetroVietnam
Vietnam Reviews Toll Road After Rare Protests
American evangelist leads rare event in communist Vietnam

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea
Blogger Sentence Shows Vietnam Fed up With Criticism over Graft, Inefficiency

Vietnam court upholds jail term for blogger; US protests

Vietnam sentences activist to 7 years in prison
China Has Tempered Its Expansion In The Disputed South China Sea

How America Can Push Back against China in the South China Sea and Beyond

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

Column: Trump goes to Vietnam

How Trump Plans to Push Back Against China in the South China Sea

Vietnam Is The Biggest Winner On Donald Trump's Tour Of Asia
Trump Wants Vietnam to Buy 'Greatest' U.S. Military Gear to Fix Trade Imbalance
Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea
Chinese President Xi makes state visit to Vietnam
Vietnam and China agree to avoid conflicts in S. China
ASEAN and China to start talks over disputed waters
The Latest: Vietnam wants peaceful end to sea disputes

The Latest: Trump offers to mediate on South China Sea
Trump in Asia: They love him in Vietnam
Will China win the fight for the South China Sea with its new "magic island maker?"

The US and China got down to business on the South China Sea
Deportations of Vietnamese, Cambodians leave Bay Area Asian immigrants shaken

Vietnam hoping for revised Pacific Rim trade pact
This Man Could've Saved Vietnam, But The U.S. OKed His Assassination
The Assassination of Ngo Dinh Diem

China wants U.S. to stay out of South China Sea talks
Beijing seen poised for fresh South China Sea assertiveness
With all eyes on North Korea, Beijing ready to deploy fighter jets in the SCS
Why China Never Draws A Boundary Line Around Its Claim To The South China Sea

Southeast Asian Leaders to Go Soft on China Over Disputed Sea This Year
Conflict and Diplomacy on the High Seas

Vietnam Switches Gears From Command State to Private-Sector Control

Vietnam jails student activist for anti-state propaganda

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

Vietnam expels North Korea shipping chief

Vietnam braces for typhoon Khanun after floods kill 72

Flooding kills dozens, submerges 16K homes in Vietnam
Thousands evacuated in Vietnam as floods, landslides kill 46

U.S. warship sails near islands Beijing claims in South China Sea
China protests to US over sail-by in disputed waters
US Navy destroyer angers China by sailing near disputed islands

China and America Could go to War in the South China Sea

Vietnam Is Becoming Asia's Most Aggressive Maritime Nation After China

Vietnam Battles Political Scandals As Trump Announces APEC Visit

How America Is Losing the Battle for the South China Sea
Vietnam resumes water buffalo fighting decried as violent

A New Chinese Drone Could Help Beijing Assert Its Claims In The South China Sea
A Vietnamese pilot ditched his chopper as Saigon fell. This sailor dove in after him
China’s Mekong Plans Threaten Disaster for Countries Downstream

The SCS and China's "Four Sha" Claim: New Legal Theory, Same Bad Argument
Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea
Tim O’Brien on What We All Can Learn From Ken Burns’ ‘The Vietnam War’

Chinese, Vietnamese Communist parties have 'shared destiny': Beijing

Water Wars: September Sea Squabbles
Typhoon Doksuri batters central Vietnam, killing 4

Vietnam braces for massive typhoon

In Vietnam, a sparkling economic surface hides deep divisions
As Vietnam races to future, it must reckon with past
Vietnam War timeline: U.S. involvement over decades

To Stop Kim Jong-un, China Needs A Big Prize: The South China Sea
Here's why so many nations want to control the South China Sea

Vietnam is protesting Beijing's South China Sea policy, but China isn't having it
Vietnam slams China over military drills in disputed sea
In Vietnam, war still right beneath surface
Vietnam Looks for Help in Standing Up to Beijing in the South China Sea

US will send more navy patrols to disputed South China Sea amid tensions with Beijing
US sets more patrols in waters disputed with China
Water Wars: U.S. Naval Collisions Are “No Setback” for FONOPs and Flyovers
Despite strains, Vietnam and China forge closer economic ties

Relations become tenser between long-term enemies China and Vietnam over sea claims
Vietnam protests over Chinese military drill in South China Sea

Growing Commerce With India Gives Vietnam New Defense Against China

Exxon Mobil Vietnam gas project could start in November -state TV

Vietnam's Facebook Dissidents Test Limits of Communist State

More Information On Alleged Kidnapping In Berlin Continues To Strain German-Vietnam Relations
Vietnam's GDP Won't Meet Its Goal This Year -- And That's OK With Most Investors

Making Sense of the South China Sea Dispute
If a crisis slams the South China Sea, here are the losers — and a few winners

Get Ready, China: U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers are Headed to Vietnam
Vietnam's President Calls for Tougher Internet Controls

South China Sea: Vietnam takes up fight against China

Trump’s immigration crackdown hits Vietnam

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

China protests US ship sailing by island in South China Sea
Water Wars: As Nuclear Tensions Rise, Trump’s Third FONOP
PH backs US Navy presence in disputed maritime area

US destroyer in South China Sea called 'provocation' by Beijing
US destroyer challenges China's claims in South China Sea

Vietnam wins U.S. defense pledges as tension with China grows (Video News)
U.S. destroyer challenges China's claims in South China Sea
US warship sails close to China-held island in disputed sea
Australia, Japan And U.S.: The South China Sea Isn't China's Own Sea

China, Vietnam meeting canceled amid South China Sea tensions
Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea
Philippines says China wanted non-legally binding South China Sea code

The Latest: US says South China Sea talks will be a key test
ASEAN wants legally binding code on South China Sea

China scores diplomatic coup in sea row

Vietnam challenges China at security talks
Inside Donald Trump's disastrous week in the South China Se

Oil could ease tensions in the South China Sea

Communist Parties Expected to Ease Latest China-Vietnam Maritime Quarrel
Vietnam says others should respect its right to drill for South China Sea oil

New British Warships Head to South China Sea to Send Beijing a Message
Britain plans to send warship to South China Sea in move likely to irk Beijing
China urges halt to oil drilling in disputed South China Sea
South China Sea: Vietnam And India Should Follow Duterte's Wisdom

US ambassador calls for release of jailed Vietnam activist
Vietnamese activist sentenced to 9 years in prison

China says it wants to 'maintain stability' in disputed South China Sea

South China Sea: Vietnam halts drilling after 'China threats'
China reportedly threatens Vietnam into ending energy exploration in South China Sea

South China Sea Dispute Smolders as Trump Administration Weighs Approach
Trump just approved a plan for the US Navy to check Beijing in the South China Sea
Hypocrisy in the South China Sea

Amid disputes, Indonesia renames part of South China Sea

Will America Challenge China's Sweeping Sovereignty Claims?

Beijing criticizes Indonesia renaming part of South China Sea
China hits out at South China Sea critics

These 4 Countries Will Stop China From Ruling A Disputed Sea

Vietnam plans talks with Catholic officials over monastery dispute

Vietnam Is Chasing India To Escape The Grip Of China
Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

Vietnam And India To Spoil China's South China Sea Ambitions
U.S. bombers challenge China in South China Sea flyover

Vietnam renews India oil deal in tense South China Sea

UPDATED: USS Stethem Conducts Freedom of Navigation Operation Past Triton Island in South China Sea
China's Xi warns Trump of 'negative factors' hurting US ties
South China Sea: China calls USS Stethem warship 'a provocation'
Pentagon challenges China's claim to disputed island with destroyer

Vietnam buffalo fight suspended after animal kills owner
China accuses U.S. of ‘serious provocation’ as warship sails near disputed island

U.S. warship in operation near disputed island in South China Sea

U.S. Navy sends warship near disputed island in South China Sea

US warship sails close to S. China Sea island occupied by Beijing
PH reiterates: peaceful resolution of South China Sea row favored
China will have three regiments of combat aircraft in South China Sea

China adds four new missile shelters on South China Sea islands

Vietnam blogger 'Mother Mushroom' jailed for 10 years
Who is Vietnam's Mother Mushroom? Blogger Honored by Melania Trump Jailed for Ten Years

China builds new military facilities on South China Sea islands: think tank

Trump’s South China Sea Policy Leaves U.S. Allies Perplexed—and Anxious

Vietnam Faces New Oil Dispute With China After Beijing Cuts Visit Short

Vietnamese dissident recounts forced deportation to France

Vietnam blogger Pham Minh Hoang deported to France

Vietnam's imperiled bloggers

Vietnam's Crackdown on Political Dissent Described as Boon for Business

Compelling Vietnam: Foreign Investors Unfazed by Trump's Trade Deal Rebuff

Companies In Vietnam Get A Grim Reality Check As China Gets A Lift
Vietnam Hits Another Roadblock In Its Effort To Stimulate The Economy

Rights group condemns attacks on Vietnamese activists
Why the U.S. Can’t Take Sides in South China Sea Sovereignty Disputes, Even Against China

On The Run, Vietnam's 'Most Wanted' Green Blogger Tells VOA He's Safe

Japan, Vietnam to bolster maritime security cooperation
Pentagon: Beijing Is Arming Its Manmade Islands in South China Sea

Vietnamese coast guard receives former U.S. vessel

Trump Hosts Prime Minister Phuc of Vietnam and Announces Trade Deals
Trump hails signing of deals worth 'billions' with Vietnam

Trump's big mistake in the South China Sea

Not Wanting To Be Overshadowed By China, Vietnam Reaches Out To U.S.
Vietnam to Sign Deals for Up to $17B in US Goods, Services

Vietnam Looks to Salvage Obama Trade Gains in Trump Visit

Lengthy jail sentences for two dissidents upheld as crackdown continues
Vietnam's Prime Minister Says He's Confident of 6.7% Growth Goal

China 'strongly dissatisfied' with G7 statement on East, South China Seas

US: 2 Chinese jets conduct unsafe intercept of Navy aircraft

US says warship carried out drills in South China Sea to defy Beijing's claim over disputed reef
U.S. warship drill meant to defy China's claim over artificial island: officials

Chinese warships warn US patrols to back off from South China Sea reef to avoid 'accidents'
Is Trump's Asia policy working?

In first under Trump, U.S. warship challenges Beijing's claims in South China Sea
US sails guided-missile destroyer in South China Sea for first time under Trump
U.S. warship sails within 12 miles of China-claimed reef
US says Navy ship sails near South China Sea reef claimed by Beijing
Vietnamese Students Are Pouring Into Japan

Disagreements surface over China-backed trade deal
Vietnam, Indonesia vessels clash in South China Sea

Vietnam Takes Asia Lead in Figuring Out Trump Policy on South China Sea
U.S delivers 6 coastal patrol boats to Vietnam coast guard
VIETNAM: Workshop banned, harassment of human rights defenders continues
What a High-Level Sacking in Vietnam Reveals About Communist Party Rifts

Pacific Rim ministers meet in Hanoi, seek to revive TPP

TPP trade deal members seek to move ahead without U.S.

Vietnam arrests activist who led protest against polluter
Gingerly, Deals Start Taking Shape Between Rivals China and Vietnam
South China Sea dispute

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea
China, Vietnam agree to keep South China Sea tensions in check

Vietnam-Aligned Hackers Attack Foreign Companies, FireEye Says

Senators to Trump: Show Resolve with Beijing in South China Sea

China says has 'positive' talks with Vietnam on South China Sea

Vietnam fires southern city party chief for mismanagement
South China Sea: Missiles for attacking ships installed, new satellite images show

Vietnam Politburo member removed over 'serious mistakes'
No change to U.S. Navy freedom of navigation patrols: commander
Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea
U.S. to Test Beijing's South China Sea Claims, Navy Says

Rising sea level a threat to Vietnamese farmers

Is US steering clear of South China Sea under Trump?

Southeast Asia warms to China as Asean rediscovers unity
Trump promised to crack down on China in the South China Sea. He hasn’t.

ASEAN gives Beijing a pass on South China Sea dispute, cites 'improving cooperation'
South China Sea Isn't China's Own Sea

SE Asian summit ends in uncertainty over South China Sea stance
Vietnam Will Lose The Most From A Code Of Conduct In The South China Sea

Senior Vietnamese Communist Party official faces punishment

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

Why Vietnamese villagers are holding police hostage
Trump invites Vietnam’s prime minister to visit US
Nervous about China, Southeast Asia gets Trump's attention

Cam Ranh Bay is welcoming American warships again

Taiwan to increase military presence on South China Sea island

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea
Vietnam villagers hold dozens of policemen in land dispute

Vietnam PM halts $10.6 bln steel plant on environmental concern

Vietnam, Asia's Economic Icon, Is Suddenly Facing Slower Growth In 2017

Is War Brewing In The South China Sea?

China says 'no such thing' as man-made islands in South China Sea

Duterte to US: Why didn't you send armada vs China islands?

Vietnam’s Economy Expands at Slower Pace in First Quarter
Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

China Completed Construction on South China Sea Islands, Can Deploy Warplanes

China: Even if we're putting missiles on South China Sea islands, we're not militarizing them
South China Sea: Defence equipment on islands for 'freedom of navigation' Li Keqiang says
South China Sea installations 'primarily' civilian: Li
China Claims U.S. Military Plane ‘Illegally’ Entered Chinese Air Defense Zone

China's new missile could threaten an arms war in the Pacific
Singapore prime minister in Vietnam to up trade, investment

Chinese military warns US bomber flying over East China Sea
Singapore prime minister visits Vietnam to boost ties
Philippines' Duterte derides U.S. for past inaction in South China Sea

Vietnam Says Two Bloggers Posted Anti-state Propaganda
In Asia's Infrastructure Race, Vietnam is Among The Leaders
Japan Has Ambitious Plans To Be Asia's Next Superpower, and Their Military Proves It
China denies reports of building on disputed shoal
Philippines seeks China’s clarification on shoal plans

Vietnam seeks South Korean support in South China Sea
Japan Is Becoming Player in South China Sea Sovereignty Dispute
How China Is Tipping The World To War At Scarborough

China to build on disputed shoal in South China Sea
Philippines to build runway and port in disputed SCS to boost military presence

Water Wars: The Pivot to Asia is Dead. Long Live the Pivot!
Vietnam rethinks contentious two-child policy
Will Rex Tillerson's Asia Visit Help or Harm Relations With China?
Taiwan military to upgrade fighters, seek stealth capability

China pledges firm response if Japan interferes in South China Sea
Australia opposes Beijing's construction work in South China Sea, says it would raise 'conflict'
Australia calls for enforceable South China Sea pact soon

Vietnam Urges Firms to Stop YouTube, Facebook Ads in Protest Over ‘Fake Content’
Vietnam urges firms to stop YouTube and Facebook ads in protest over 'fake content'

China pledges firm response if Japan interferes in South China Sea
Taiwan says capable of strike against China

Vietnam to Test Trump on Signing Solo Trade Pacts

What Are the Chances of the U.S. and China Going to War?
Vietnam Demands China Stop Cruises in South China Sea

Exclusive: Japan plans to send largest warship to South China Sea, sources say

First draft of SCS code of conduct ready as tensions drop 'distinctly' in waterway

Australia turns down Indonesia's request to conduct joint patrols in South China Sea
Australia says no plan for joint South China Sea patrols with Indonesia
Taiwan Risks Beijing Backlash Over South China Sea Patrols

Vietnam: Trump’s Immigration Policies Could Put Dong At Risk
Beijing Is Changing Its Tone In South China Sea Disputes

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea
World's Next War? US Sends Japan Advanced Military Jets Citing Threats From China, North Korea

U.S. carrier puts on show of 'commitment', not power, in South China Sea

US admiral in disputed South China Sea: 'We will be here'

Beijing respects freedom of navigation in SCS more than any country
Taiwan Steps Up Patrols Amid China's Threats In South China Sea
Vietnam's  Free Trade Agreement With Europe, Is Facing New Obstacles

Vietnam slams Chinese fishing ban in South China Sea
EU Presses Vietnam to Improve Human Rights Ahead of Trade Deal

China vs. America in the South China Sea: What Should Donald Trump Do?

Worried Over Trump, China Tries to Catch up With U.S. Navy

ASEAN Neutrality: A Strategic Windfall For China

China Warns Against War Threats Over South China Sea

Exclusive: China finishing South China Sea buildings that could house missiles
China military says aware of U.S. carrier in South China Sea

Vietnam Is Getting Closer To Its Rival China Because Neither Side Trusts Trump

The US just sent an aircraft-carrier strike group to mix it up in the South China Sea

China opposes U.S. naval patrols in South China Sea

Vietnam Seeks Stronger China Ties Despite New Buildup on Disputed Islands

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

US aircraft carrier strike group patrolling S. China Sea
US carrier sent on ‘routine’ operation in tense South China Sea
Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

Dozens in Vietnam mark anniversary of border war with China
Vietnam's Got a New South China Sea Strategy

China Warns the U.S. Over Patrols in the South China Sea

US Navy plans new strategy to counter Beijing in South China Sea
China warns U.S. against fresh naval patrols in South China Sea
The US Navy may be about to check Beijing in the South China Sea
Donald Trump and the Coming Taiwan-China Crisis

How America Can Take Control in the South China Sea
Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

Water Wars: US Hits Reset Button in Asia-Pacific

Donald Trump's Huge South China Sea Problem
U.S., China military planes come inadvertently close over South China Sea
Trump reaffirms 'one China' policy in call with China's Xi

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea
US would go into any war with China with 'unparalleled violence', warn experts
China criticizes Mattis' remarks on East China Sea island

Mattis: US will defend Japanese islands claimed by China
Trump Defense Chief Seeks Diplomatic End in South China Sea
Sanders warns Trump could start a war

Public Anger Prompts Vietnam to Put the Brakes on Investment

A War Between the U.S. and China Would Be World War III
Trump's adviser Steve Bannon: 'We're going to war in the South China Sea ... no doubt'

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea
Is War Against China Justified?

Is a War over Taiwan Possible
China's gamble for global supremacy in era of Trump
With an Eye on China—and Trump—Japan Enhances Security Ties With Southeast Asia

China tests new extremely long-range missile that could muscle the US out of the South China Se

Russia delivers submarine for Vietnamese navy
War With China? Effects Of A U.S. Blockade In The South China Sea

China Warns US It Has Sovereignty Over South China Sea
China Hits Back on Disputed Islands
US Vows to Prevent China Taking over Territory in International Waters
China foreign minister says wants to manage disputes with U.S

Beijing says it will not back down over South China Sea claims (video)
China says will protect South China Sea sovereignty

Trump Cancels Obama ‘Free-Trade’ Deal With Communist Vietnam That Legitimized State-Owned Businesses
Trump White House vows to stop China taking South China Sea islands
White House warns China on trade, South China Sea

Vietnam police arrest dissident for propaganda against state

Vietnam to Allow Locals in Casinos Under 3-Year Test Project

Vietnam police halt anti-China protest over islands
Arrests as Vietnam breaks up anti-China rally

Vietnam Signals Softer Stance on Contested South China Sea

Why is the South China Sea so important to the US?
Vietnam premier urges more investment from Japan

In Hanoi, Abe says Japan will provide Vietnam patrol vessels
Showdown in the South China Sea: China’s artificial islands explained
Trump Nominees Give Vietnam’s Premier Hope for Trade Pact

China won't 'sit with arms crossed' while India considers arms sales to Vietnam
China muted after Tillerson vows islands blockade
China's state media take aim at Tillerson over South China Sea
Chinese state media slams Tillerson over South China Sea

Rex Tillerson says China should be denied access to South China Sea over 'worrisome' territorial dispute
Tillerson says China should be barred from South China Sea islands
Did Rex Tillerson just move the US closer to war with China?
China may strike back if US blocks Beijing's access to disputed South China Sea islands, experts say

China Pushes Back After Tillerson Warns on South China Sea

China aircraft carrier enters strait, Taiwan warns against 'panic'
Taiwan scrambles jets, navy as China aircraft carrier enters Taiwan Strait
China says committed to peace as carrier passes near Taiwan

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

China Confirms Its Carrier Held Drills in South China Sea
South China Sea: Japan And Taiwan Send Their Own Strong Messages To Beijing

Donald Trump’s Pivot Through Asia

China's 1st aircraft carrier sails into South China Sea
Vietnam sees 2016 growth at 6.2 pct, aided by building boom

China Likely To Deploy Surface-To-Air Missiles In South China Sea

China's first 'combat-ready' aircraft carrier conducts fighter drills, may head to South China Sea
Could the South China Sea dispute trigger a Sino-US war? Five charts that tell you who might win

More Chinese missiles bound for disputed islands

South East Asia Steps up Security to Terror Threat Over Christmas, New Year
Vietnam, Uncertain of TPP, Focuses on Alternatives

ow Donald Trump Can Stave Off Defeat in the South China Sea

China just confronted the US Navy in the Pacific — and it looks like China came out on top

China returns unmanned underwater drone to Navy, Pentagon says

Why Vietnam's Property Market Is Like China's (In A Good Way)
China has picked a fight with its US drone seizure – but what will Beijing do next?

Vietnam Jails 2 Democracy Activists for Attempted Subversion
China's seizure of US drone shows that Beijing will not be bullied by Donald Trump
What Taiwan hopes the Trump call could do for its international standing

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

Beijing Commits Act of War, Obama Does Nothing
China's Drone Seizure Sows Concern That US Secrets Were Stolen

China to return seized U.S. drone, says Washington 'hyping up' incident
China drone seizure throws down gauntlet to Obama and Trump

Pentagon demands China return US underwater drone
China seizes U.S. underwater drone in South China Sea
China militarizes seven islands in the disputed South China Sea (Video)
Gold surges as tensions flare in the South China Sea
Vietnam Says Trump, in Phone Call, Hoped to Promote Ties

Beijing says disputed South China Sea islands are armed
Report: Beijing adds weapons to South China Sea islands

Targeting U.S. automaker signals possible China retaliation over Trump talk
China warns Trump ignoring one-China policy could hurt peace

The US is 'ready to confront' China in the Pacific with the world's most lethal combat plane
U.S. Warns Beijing Over 'Aggressive' South China Sea Behavior
China Boosts Defenses on Artificial Islands
China installs weapons on contested South China Sea islands, report says

Vietnam Pivots Away from US-Led Trade Zone as Trump Preps for Office 

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea
China Ponders ADIZ in Disputed Sea

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

Donald Trump's South China Sea Challenge: 4 Ways America Can Push Back Against China

South China Sea And Donald Trump: US Will Not Change Policy In Disputed Territory
US will continue to intervene in South China Sea dispute even under Trump, Chinese think tank warns
Trump will pursue 'regional hegemony' in South China Sea

Can Cooler Heads Prevail in the South China Sea?
Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

China: Iron Out South China Sea Disputes Ourselves

China condemns Vietnam's extension of runway on disputed South China Sea island

Vietnam extends runway on island claimed by China: monitor

Is China ready to budge on the South China Sea? Here’s why compromise is possible.

Gunmen in Philippines seize 6 Vietnamese sailors near rebel stronghold

Vietnam To Turn Its Back On Massive Pacific Rim Trade Pact After Trump Victory
Will India Spoil China's South China Sea Ambitions?
Vietnam scraps plans for its first nuclear power plants

Trump's challenge: Can he stop conflict in the South China Sea?

U.S. Confirms USS Decatur Challenged China’s Excessive Straight Baselines

Vietnam Arrests Blogger Ho Van Hai in Latest Crackdown on Dissent
China's Actions Are Causing U.S. 'Militarization' of the Pacific

The Case for Stronger Relations Between Vietnam and America
The Latest US Freedom of Navigation Operation Opens the Legal Door to More Aggressive US Challenges to China’s Artificial Islands
Vietnam, the UNCLOS Tribunal, and the Latest U.S. FONOP in the South China Sea

In Vietnam, telling the truth is criminal ‘propaganda’

U.S. warship challenges China's claims in South China Sea

Chinese naval ships set for first visit to Vietnam's Cam Ranh international port

Ratifying Pacific trade pact not on Vietnam assembly agenda
Vietnam braces for Typhoon Sarika as flood toll rises to 31
Military Helicopter With 3 on Board Goes Missing in Vietnam

Deadly floods inundate central Vietnam

South China Sea: The world's next big war?
Asia nervous over post-Obama era

Vietnam says no to foreign military base on its soil

US and EU call on Vietnam to release arrested blogger
Vietnam Arrests Blogger for Anti-State Propaganda

Vietnam labels California group a terrorist organization
Russian military considers return to Cuba, Vietnam

Why the South China Sea Matters

The SCS Showdown: What Should America (and the Region) Do About It?

U.S. warships make landmark visit to strategic Vietnam port
South China Sea is a US Election Issue for Southeast Asian Americans

Vietnam Investment Plunges in Cambodia, Sparking Concerns
Tracking China’s Compliance with the South China Sea Arbitral Award
SCS Conflict: Indonesia, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Britain Plan War Games
Singapore Worried Most About Fishermen and Coast Guards in SC Sea
'Smooth as Silk' Vietnamese Propagandist 'Hanoi Hannah' Dies at 87

Chinese military:  Singapore should 'pay the price' in SC Sea spat
Duterte visit to China may lead to changing alliances in East Asia

Are the U.S. and China Headed Towards a Naval War in Asia?

Vietnam's growth eases off in third quarter
President Duterte may not get what he wants in Vietnam after U.S. jibes
China warns Japan not to 'play with fire' in S. China Sea
Duterte to end war drills with US to avoid upsetting China
Next US president must face China's 'economic muscle' over SCSea dispute
How Beijing Can Gracefully Win The South China Sea Dispute

Does Russia Have a South China Sea Problem?

Are China and Taiwan Heading Towards Conflict?
Singapore caught between ASEAN, China on South China Sea

Faced With Trans-Pacific Trade Deal Impasse, Malaysia And Vietnam Retrench

China looks like it's getting ready to declare an anti-aircraft defense zone near Japan
How to Spark a War in Asia
Barack Obama's pivot to Asia in tatters

Maritime Tensions Grow Between Rising China and Rearming Japan

Unease in the South China Sea—New Normal or Quiet Before the Storm?

Appeal begins in Vietnam for blogger Anh Ba Sam sentenced to 5 years in prison

While Courting China, Vietnam Prepares For a Future South China Sea Crisis

China's latest deal with Vietnam shows how it is edging out the US in the South China Sea

Report: Taiwan building anti-aircraft gun towers in South China Sea
Vietnam set to delay vote on TPP pact as U.S. election nears
Driving in Vietnam is becoming even more of a nightmare

It's time for the US to call out China in the South China Sea

Vietnam Delays TPP Ratification In Crucial Blow To Obama's Ambitions
China lashes out at Japan's South China Sea plans
China accuses Japan of trying to 'confuse' South China Sea dispute amid joint patrols with US

Blow for Obama's TPP as Vietnam parliament defers ratification

China and Russia are practicing 'island-seizing' in the South China Sea
China says interests outweigh differences with Vietnam

China and Vietnam pledge to set aside differences over South China Sea

Russia, China to conduct joint military exercises in South China Sea

China's Next Territorial Claim: Hawaii and Almost the Entire Pacific Ocean?

Why Vietnam Is Failing to Unite Its Neighbors Against China
Wine Kerfuffle Stains Vietnamese Banquet for French President

Obama warns China over South China Sea ruling
South China Sea: facts on a decades-long dispute
Obama Puts South China Sea Back on Agenda at Summit

Is China Getting Ready to Build a New Military Base in the South China Sea?
ASEAN summit may bow to Chinese pressure on South China Sea

Landlocked Laos Struggles Between China, Vietnam

South China Sea Dispute: China And America Are Counting Their True Allies

South China Sea: Obama urges Beijing to abide by ruling
India gives Vietnam $500 mn for defence spending

Cambodia, Vietnam Deadlocked on Border Dispute
A US-Vietnam Alliance: Prospects And Challenges

Vietnam's Three Strategic Options

Vietnam To Approve TPP Trade Deal, But It May All Be For Nothing
Vietnam's Fishermen Stranded After Toxic Spill Destroys An Industry

Duterte to Raise Sea Feud Ruling Against Chinese Wishes

Philippines Sends A Stark Warning To China Over South China Sea Dispute
China and Pakistan Beware -- This Week, India And US Sign Major War Pact
Is Laos Shifting Allegiances From China to Vietnam and the U.S.?

One of the Last Things South Vietnam Did Was Fight China
China Is Fueling a Submarine Arms Race in the Asia-Pacific

China stages live-firing drills in Tonkin Gulf amid tensions
Vietnam says it's now safe to swim at most central beaches

Vietnam doubtful of Trans-Pacific Partnership sign-off
The Only Way to Solve the South China Sea Showdown

Underdog Vietnam Is Splurging on Weapons to Keep China at Bay

Why the South China Sea Dispute Matters for the United States
Rocket Launchers: Vietnam's Bold South China Sea Move
America and China Are Locked in Battle for Control of the South China Sea

China says no South China Sea at G-20, US urges transparency
A war with China in 2025 would be bloody and unwinnable
Report: China Could Make a Big Move in the South China Sea Starting Next Month
Record Fine Feared Too Small to Cover Dead Fish Damage in Vietnam

Japan to develop missiles as tensions with China rise over E C Sea dispute
Japan to develop missile as tensions with China mount: report

Hacking Attack At Vietnam Airports Another Chapter In South China Sea Dispute

The Great South China Sea Cool Down?
Why the South China Sea is on the Verge of an Environmental Disaster

Rosneft taps into Vietnamese gas field
Is Vietnam Asia’s Next Property Hotspot?

How this Vietnamese refugee became Uber's CTO

Vietnam's Solution To Fish Death Scandal Leaves Many Locals Unsatisfied
Vietnam's Fast Economic Growth Is Quietly Slipping, But No One Cares
The US brings out the big guns in the Pacific amid high tensions with China

Vietnam moves new rocket launchers into disputed South China Sea - sources
The worst drought in decades is crushing Vietnam, but…

New photos apparently show China building fighter jet hangars on disputed islands

China may be flying combat patrols over disputed islands in the South China Sea
Showdown in the South China Sea: China’s artificial islands explained

China’s Longer Term Strategy: Cooperation, Competition and Avoiding Conflict
China-Japan Tensions Rise Around Disputed East China Sea Isles

China's air force flies combat patrol over disputed islands

Why is China flying 'combat patrols' over Spratly Islands?
Vietnam Wants To Be America’s Bridge To North Korea

Beijing warns of war in South China Sea and urges military, police and public to prepare
Americans Shouldn't Go to War with China over Asian Territorial Disputes

Beijing banks on fractured ASEAN

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