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Last Update: July 18, 2019

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Vietnam, China embroiled in South China Sea standoff
Ex-chairman of Vietnam's BIDV bank dies in detention
Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

U.S. warship sails in disputed South China Sea amid trade tensions   
Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea 
Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea   
Vietnam protests to China over South China Sea boat sinking
U.S. Warships Patrolling Beijing-Claimed Waters Prompt Chinese Protest
US angers China after sailing two warships close to disputed South China Sea islands
Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea
Vietnam risks Beijing’s ire as it uses US freedom of navigation exercise
Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

China Sends Military to Intercept U.S. Navy in South China Sea As Tensions Rise

US conducts latest South China Sea sail-by amid trade talks
U.S. destroyer sails in disputed South China Sea amid trade talks
Recent developments surrounding the South Sea
Vietnam to draw a line on China's approach to the South China Sea
Vietnam's draconian cybersecurity bill comes into effect

South China Sea: Vietnam takes hard line negotiating with Beijing
Tough South China Sea talks ahead as Vietnam seeks to curb China's action.
How to Counter China's Ambitions in the South China Sea

Trump Moves to Deport Vietnam War Refugees

Democrats Challenge Trump Over Vietnam Deportations

Vietnam seeks arrest of activist over Facebook posts
US sends warship to South China Sea to challenge ‘excessive’ claims

Chinese navy sent to confront USS Chancellorsville in latest South China Sea stand-off.

B-52s ignore Beijing's great wall of missiles with South China Sea flights
China has another new development under construction in the disputed SCS

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea
U.S. still has concerns over China's South China Sea policies
U.S. presses China to halt militarization of South China Sea
Coming Soon to the SCS: China’s AG600, World’s Largest Amphibious Aircraft

Chinese military command monitoring Taiwan and SCS has been ordered war-ready

US Defence Secretary James Mattis hits out at ‘predatory’ Chinese behavior
US James Mattis’ second trip to Vietnam aimed at countering China’s Asia influence

Mattis pushes closer ties to Vietnam amid tension with China
Why No One Wins a War over the South China Sea

Vietnam's hardline party leader to become president
Vietnam nominates party chief as new president

'Aggressive' Chinese warship forces US destroyer off course in South China Sea confrontation
Malaysia PM's warning over South China Sea.

U.S. warship sails near disputed South China Sea islands: U.S. official

China slams US B-52s fly over disputed seas as 'provocative'

Vietnam jails activist for anti-government posts on Facebook new

Vietnam's first automaker is quickly getting ready to debut a sedan and a SUV
Vietnam’s new automaker shows off first vehicles ‘designed’ by its citizens

Chinese military confronted a British warship in South China Sea
British Navy warship sails near South China Sea islands, angering Beijing

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

Vietnam jails two Vietnamese-Americans for 14 years over bomb attacks
US criticizes Vietnam for jailing peaceful activists

Vietnam puts 12 people on trial for alleged subversion
Vietnam finds activist guilty of anti-government charges

Vietnam finds activist guilty of anti-government charges
Vietnam sentences activist to 20 years prison amid dissent crackdown

Duterte: China should temper its behavior in disputed waters
China threatens foreign ships and planes 'daily' in the South China Sea
China blasts US military bill as interference in its affairs

Japan Will Soon Help Vietnam Extract Gas from the South China Sea
China Fires six Warnings to US Navy in South China Sea

US citizen held in Vietnam for attempt to 'overthrow state'

Beijing blasts defense bill designed to counter China
Beijing’s aggression in SCS driving expansion of SEA coastguard fleets

Vietnam Graft Crackdown Claims First Military Scalp With 'Little Baldy'

Hanoi considers evacuation of 14,000 households after heavy rains
Vietnam Jails 15 More Over Economic Zone Protests

Vietnam Jails Fugitive Tycoon for Nine Years After One-Day Trial

US protester released from detention in Vietnam after trial
Vietnam convicts, deports US man who joined rare protest

Vietnam jails 10 more for protests over economic zones

Vietnam to deport American detained during nationwide protests
American detained in Vietnam convicted, ordered deported

Vietnam to Try American for Disturbing Order in Protests
American detained in Vietnam to face trial next week

Vietnam to try American for disturbing order in protests

Vietnam Jails Six for Economic Zone Protest Clashes
U.S. citizen faces trial after being detained in Vietnam for over a month

Vietnam arrests phone exec, gov’t official over fund losses

Pompeo pushes Vietnam for ‘speedy resolution’ in detained American’s case
Vietnam Arrests Seven 'Terrorists' Over Bombing of Police Station

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

Discontent lurks in Vietnam despite economic success

Tensions between China and US ESCALATE after Beijing military target pilots with LASERS

Mass protests sweep Vietnam for the first time in decades

Explosion at Vietnam police station injures officer

Truyền hình VOA 21/6/18: Nổ tại trụ sở công an, 1 người bị thương

China's reach fuels illegal protests in Vietnam
U.S. Protester Held in Vietnam Confesses on State Television
In Vietnam, distrust of government's China policy fuels protests

In Vietnam, Discontent Lurks Under Surface of Economic Success

American grad student held in Vietnam after street protest

Vietnam launches probe into American detained for 'public disorder'
Thousands hold peaceful protests in Vietnam against foreign investment plans
Vietnam: Investigate Police Response to Mass Protests

Vietnam Police to Prosecute American for Causing Public Disorder
Violent ANTI-CHINA Protests Break Out in VIETNAM
Vietnam protests lead to shutdown of South Korean plants

Vietnamese Stage Anti-China Protests in Several Cities
Vietnam arrests amid anti-China protests
Protesters bring China issue to the fore

Vietnam Parliament Passes Cyber Law Denounced in Street Protests
Vietnam lawmakers approve cyber law clamping down on tech firms, dissent

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

China Redeploys Missile Launchers in Contested SCS Amid Rising Tensions With U.S

Vietnam police halt protests against new economic zones
Vietnam expels human rights lawyer, 2nd dissident to Germany

China slams US after B-52 bomber flyby in SCS, calls move ‘risky’
China says not scared after reported U.S. bomber trip over South China Sea
China and U.S. Show Off Nuclear Bombers in South China Sea Standoff
Beijing may have removed missiles from disputed South China Sea island

The US reportedly flew B-52s in the South China Sea as it directly challenges Beijing's militarization.
China removes missile launchers from disputed island after row with US, images show

U.S. weighs more South China Sea patrols to confront 'new reality'...
U.S. will ‘compete vigorously’ in South China Sea, Mattis warns Beijing
India is pushing to be a bigger player in Southeast Asia, and it's a clear challenge to China

Three fishermen dead after explosion in South China Sea

Vietnam says Chinese bombers in disputed South China Sea increase tensions
Philippines takes 'appropriate action' over Chinese bombers in disputed SCS

Chinese land bomber in SCS, potentially escalating tensions over disputed zone

Chinese bombers make debut landing on disputed South China Sea runway

China Lands Nuclear Bombers on Disputed SCS Islands In Warning to American Rivals
China air force lands bombers on South China Sea island

As Rosneft's Vietnam unit drills in disputed area of SCS Beijing issues warning
Rosneft says South China Sea drilling is within Vietnam waters

Vietnam unit of Russia's Rosneft fears Beijing backlash over South China Sea drilling

Vietnam says conducts maritime oil operations under international law
China says no one can carry out oil, gas activities in Chinese waters without Beijing's permission

Do China's Missiles in the South China Sea Mean War?

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

Vietnam Facebook activist jailed for 'anti-state propaganda'
Vietnam jails Facebook user for posts seen as anti-state propaganda
Man imprisoned in Vietnam for posting dissent on Facebook
Vietnamese leader addresses Congress, May 9, 1957

Vietnamese ex-oil executive withdraws from appeal trial
Vietnam asks China to withdraw military equipment from South China Sea
US stands tall as Asia's most powerful country despite rising China

White House warns China on growing militarization in South China Sea

China installs cruise missiles on South China Sea outposts: CNBC
Beijing 'installs missiles' on South China Sea islands
U.S. Navy Wants to Challenge Russia and China At Sea With New Smart Missiles
Construction Boom Paves The Way For New Billionaire Tran Dinh Long

Vietnam Woos Foreign Investors Despite Ongoing Political Purge

China says Canada Senate motion on South China Sea 'stirs up troubles'

Pacific command believes China controls South China Sea in all scenarios short of war
U.S. Admiral: China Is Now Capable of Controlling the South China Sea
Suspect in Vietnamese kidnapping goes on trial in Berlin
Vietnamese man involved in Cold War-style abduction in Berlin goes on trial in Germany

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea
Australia won't abandon S. China Sea patrols after encounter
Life in Vietnam for immigrants deported by U.S

Chinese navy challenged Australian warships in the South China Sea

Prime minister says Australia will sail in South China Sea

Vietnam arrests ex-senior officials, police amid crackdown

Vietnam jails 2 more activists in stepped up crackdown
U.S. seeks to deport thousands of Vietnamese protected by treaty: former ambassador
U.S. Warship Sails in Disputed Sea Amid Escalating Tensions With China

Xi Jinping inspects massive naval parade in South China Sea

U.S. Warship Sails in Disputed Sea Amid Escalating Tensions With China
US looks to deport immigrants from Vietnam protected by bilateral agreement
US displays military muscle as carrier sails in South China Sea
After China's massive drill, U.S. patrols disputed South China Sea
Vietnam activist sentenced to 13 years on subversion charges
Vietnam activists question Facebook on suppressing dissent
In 1979, China Was Crushed in a War with Vietnam. What Happened Next Is Shocking.

Trump admin's new strategy in the Pacific a big warning to China

Vietnam, China urge restraint in disputes in S. China Sea
Beijing, Hanoi promise to keep peace in South China Sea
China and Vietnam call for maritime disputes to be settled

China Just Challenged America in the Pacific With a Massive Naval "Live Fire"

North and South Korean Leaders' Peace Reunification Summit: 27 April 2018

Vietnam jails ex-Politburo member over oil giant's losses

China in military drills to ‘prepare for war’ as British frigate due to sail South China Sea
Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

U.S. warship sails near disputed islands in South China Sea, officials say
US Navy challenges Beijing in the South China Sea amid trade war rumblings
Vietnam halts South China Sea oil drilling project under pressure from Beijing
The US and its Asia Pacific allies are boosting security ties
Mỹ tạm ngưng cấp thị thực SR, I5 và R5 cho Người Việt Nam

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea
Vietnam trying ex-Politburo member over oil giant's losses
Ex-politburo member faces second graft trial Vietnam

Protesters take aim at Southeast Asia leaders in Sydney
Indonesia pushes for Southeast Asian patrols of disputed waters

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea
Vietnamese writer Pham Doan Trang briefly detained for publishing a political textbook
China, the South China Sea and North Korea
Vietnam says ex-top police official organized gambling ring
USS Carl Vinson in Vietnam sends a message to China
Vietnam War's Tet Offensive bred skepticism among press, public about government

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