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Tin Tức Việt Nam và Biển Đông do các Thông Tấn Xã/ Báo Hoa Kỳ và Âu Châu Đưa Ra

Last Update: December 28, 2019

Tin Cũ ở Dưới, Mới ở Trên:

Vietnam sends ex-ministers, executives, to prison for graft       
Vietnam ex-minister gets life sentence in bribery case
Vietnam court sentences ex-minister to life in MobiFone corruption scandal

U.S. and 'like-minded' partners will keep security in Asia: admiral      

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea    

Vietnam jails three more activists in crackdown on Facebook posts         
Vietnam jails another Facebook user as dissent crackdown intensifies     
China urges US to “stop flexing muscles” in South China Sea   
China says aircraft carrier on way to S.China Sea after Taiwan passage
Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea
Vietnam jails music teacher for 'undermining' state    
Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea

China hopes Vietnam does not 'complicate' South China Sea issue    
39 Vietnamese victims who were found dead in lorry container named by police
UK police name 39 Vietnamese victims of truck horror
Essex lorry deaths: All 39 victims confirmed as Vietnamese as police finish identification

15 men found alive in back of truck, suspected of entering UK illegally (Viet again?) 
UK police ID all 39 Vietnamese victims found in truck
Vietnam mulls legal action over South China Sea dispute   
Vietnam says human traffickers must be strictly dealt with   

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea    

Chinese ship leaves Vietnam's waters after disputed SCS surveys

Recent developments surrounding the South China Sea   
Vietnam Targets GDP Growth of 6.8% in 2020, Prime Minister Says
Citing 'unhealthy air', Vietnam tells people to limit outdoor activities
Vietnam Tests China’s Patience In The South China Sea    
Vietnam Foreign Minister Warns of Escalation in South China Sea   
Vietnam Communist Party takes aim at corrupt rising stars   

Vietnam Fights China Moves to Hinder Offshore Energy Exploration   
Jim Webb: Remember South Vietnam’s forgotten soldiers     
US Navy sails ship close to islands claimed by China 
The Chinese Navy Put on a Massive Display of Live Fire Drills for This One Reason 
Chinese Sea Mines Are Threatening the U.S. Navy 


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