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1. Always on my Mind (Elvis Presley) 2. And I Love you So (Elvis Presley)
3. Are You Lonesome Tonight (Elvis Presley) 4. I Just can't Help Believing (Elvis Presley)
5. The Wonder of You (Elvis Presley) 6. You don't Have to Say you Love Me (Elvis Presley)
7. You don't Know Me (Elvis Presley) 8. My Way (Elvis Presley)
9. Beschermmeehet 10. Besame Mucho (Dean Martin)
11. Besame Mucho (Cesario Evora) 12. Besame Mucho (Andrea Bocelli)
13. Hello (Lionel Richie) 14. I believe
15. La Donna Del Mio Nigliore Amico 16. Unchained Melody (Roy Orninson)
17. Where The Boys Are (Connie Francis) 18 Fascination (Piano)
19. Fascination (Nat King Cole) 20. I Say Gold (Pham Quynh Anh)
21. If You Go Away (Dusty Springfield) 22. Let's Make Love (Faith Hill)
23. Love is a Many-Spendored Thing (E. Humperdinck) 24. Before the Next Teardrop Falls
25. Show Them to Me (Rod Carrington) 26. Stranger in the Paradise
27. A Woman in Love (Jordin Sparks) 28. Good Bye! (Celine Dion)
29. Eternally 30. How Can I Tell Her (Lobo)
31. Sometimes When We Touch (Dan Hill) 32. Only You (The Platters)
33. You Needed Me (Ann Murray) 34. I Just Fall in Love Again (Ann Murray)
35. You Were Always on My Mind (Ann Murray) 36. Just Another Woman in Love (Ann Murray)
37. 38.
39. 40.




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