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Tài Liệu Đáng Đọc:

    South China Sea Dispute
    Spratly Islands
Vietnamese Claims to the Truong Sa Archipelago
    Hoang Sa and Truong Sa Archipelagoes
    The United States and Chinese Assertiveness in the South China Sea
    White Paper on the Hoang Sa (Paracel) and Truong Sa (Spratly) Islands
    Hoang Sa Truong Sa Archipelagoes and International Law
    Spradly Islands Dispute
    The Path To Indivisibility
    Last Days of Saigon
    Johnson's Pacification of Vietnam
    Vietnam Declassified: The CIA and Counterinsurgency
    Bản Tài Liệu CIA Tiếng Anh để Tham Khảo
    Heroic Allies --- (Bản dịch tiếng Việt mới)
    Human Cost of Communism in Vietnam
    Who Owns the Viet nam War?
    The United States and Chinese Assertiveness in the South China Sea - Carlyle A. Thayer
    The Great Vietnamese Famine of 1944-45 Revisited - Geoffrey Gunn
    Black Entry Operations into North Vietnam - Thomas. L Ahern Jr.
    The War Over the Vietnam War - Max Boot
    Pentagon Papers ( from the National Archives)
    Henry Kissinger and the Viet Nam War - Khương Hữu Điểu
    1968: The Very Beginning of off-shore Oil & Gas Development - Khương Hữu Điểu
    Lettre ouverte d’un Vietnamien aux Chinois - Nguyen Huu Tan-Duc
    United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
    The China-Vietnam Border Delimitation Treaty of 30 Dec 1999 - Nguyen Hong Thao
    The Blood-Red Hands of Ho Chi Minh
    ARVN - 68-75 by Bill Laurie
    Invasion of Laos 1971 Lam Son 719 - Robert D. Sander
    Vietnamese Immigrants in the United States - August 2014 Report
    Camp Z30-D: The Survivors - By Anh Do, Tran Phan, and Eugene Garcia
    Tensions In The South China Sea Explained In 19 Maps
    Vietnam and the US, 40 years after Saigon's Fall, by the numbers
    The Americans Betrayed Us - Interview of President Thieu by Der Spiegel
    The South China Sea Dispute: A Brief History - Sean Mirsky
    South China Sea territorial Claim Map
    What China Has Been Building in the South China Sea
    Vietnam builds military muscle to face China
    Peak oil in the South China Sea (part 1)
    South China Sea: China’s artificial islands explained
    The Real Reason America Lost the War in Vietnam: Japan
    How and Why China is Building Islands in the South China Sea
    Showdown in the South China Sea: China’s artificial islands explained
    Levée de Brouillard sur La Guerre d’indochine/Viêtnam - Nguyễn Ngọc Lân
    This Man Could've Saved Vietnam, But The U.S. OKed His Assassination
    The Assassination of Ngo Dinh Diem - Peter Kross
    Vietnam: The real Story
    'Lost' Cronkite Broadcast Reveals 180-Degree War Flip
    Reviewing The Picture "The Napalm Girl" - Joseph Nguyên
    U.S. General Considered Nuclear Response in Vietnam War, Cables show
    1963: Exit Vietnam Strategy - James K. Galbraith
    In 1979, China Was Beaten Badly by Vietnam -  Charlie Gao,The National Interest
    How China Was Crushed By Vietnam in a 1979 Conflict - The National Interest
    North Korean Fighter Pilots Battled American Jets Over Vietnam
    Who is to Blame for America losing the Vietnam War


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